B-BBEE Learnership

Learnership in BBBEE (L-BEE) - "Is maximising your disability equity and learnership score, while contributing to the socio-economic impact of Non-Profit organisations a priority for you?"


Transformation Learnerships

It is important to score well in Skills Development as it is a priority pillar, so to maximise your skills development score it is efficient for one intervention to contribute to disability equity, skills development and learnerships. Transcend’s learnership offerings below allow for these multiple impacts, while allowing for flexibility in either placing your employees or unemployed learners in your workplace, or by allowing Transcend to facilitate this placement into non-profit organisations.

Transcend’s Post-Graduate Transformation Learnership (PTL)

The PTL is a high-impact, accredited, NQF 5 Learnership and has been carefully designed to equip BEE champions in middle management, with the knowledge, skills and competencies to manage their organisation’s BEE objectives.
This one-year process, based both in the work-place and class-room, follows a cohesive framework for understanding, enabling, and supporting transformation in this specific context. In this process we provide a breakdown and explanation of the Dti’s amended Codes of Good Practice and scorecard measurements, as well as a set of enterprise principles and transformation process roadmaps that serve as the foundation for a holistic analysis framework that determines the actions needed for guiding transformation efforts.
A key success factor to the successful completion of the learnership is support from the company peer group and mentorship from the Transcend Corporate Advisors mentor.

Learnership in BEE (LBEE)

The L-BEE, aimed at junior employees or unemployed learners, is fully accredited and runs over twelve-months, during which time the learners will be equipped to manage your supplier research and give input to your B-BBEE verification readiness
Transcend can assist in finding learners with disabilities for your organisation, which can be placed at your workplace or at a non-profit organisation.

The L-BEE significantly supports your company’s B-BBEE scorecard in the following ways:
• People with disabilities this learnership supports the disabled skills spend and learnership targets,
• Contributing to your disability equity targets
• The company can qualify for receiving tax rebates
• The company can apply for the youth wage subsidy for this learnership
• The living stipend paid to each learner also contributes to your skills spend

For more information contact Brian on 011 442 2433 or email brian@transcend.co.za

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