SETA Accredited BBBEE Champions Training Course - Durban and Cape Town

SETA Accredited BEE Training How do the amended B-BBEE codes affect your scorecard? How do you improve the overall level of your organisations B-BBEE Scorecard in a way that is sustainable?


While the amended codes in Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) represent a step change in approach, the person appointed to manage B-BBEE is often not equipped for this new environment. This course aims to equip the champion with the tools to:

  • Understand the current socio political landscape in order to equip you to have meaningful conversations with stakeholders
  • Understand the amended codes including latest interpretive stances
  • Measure and comply with the empowering supplier criteria
  • Manage the development of a B-BBEE plan
  • Develop a current-state scorecard under the amended codes
  • How do you improve the overall level of your Organisations B-BBEE Scorecard in a way that is sustainable?

Competencies developed through attending this course:

  • Compliance to legislation and B-BBEE codes – compiling the BEE tracking scorecard
  • Manage key transformation projects and coordinate others, managing risks and opportunities associated with transformational change and business process reengineering, taking all steps to mitigate/exploit these to ensure that the transformation programme is successfully delivered
  • Proper document management of all the Business unit transformation activities and collation of plans
  • Communicate, co-ordinate and monitor progress and activities in preferential procurement
  • Support, monitor and improve the B-BBEE compliance of all pillars
  • Reviewing and assisting in the procurement strategy
  • Ensure that the scorecard is reported in terms of the relevant standards and codes of good practice
  • Ensure that projects are scheduled to meet expectations of all stakeholders
  • Ensure that Transformation practices, standards, procedures and methods are reviewed, updated and applied
  • Deal with Transformation queries from the Business units/Divisions
  • Enforce the compliance effectiveness of the business units and pillar champions

SABPP and Services SETA Accreditation

• B-BBEE sponsor
• Human Capital Professionals
• Procurement Professionals
• Any individual who has been appointed as the BEE Champion

In all 5 pillars we will look at the Technical aspects of the amended CoGP, best practice management and monitoring through the calculation tool provided.

1 Day specific training sessions:

The revised Codes of Good Practice are designed in a manner where there are synergies within the different pillars. It is advisable that the BEE champion understand this interplay and attend the full 3-day session.
However, we respect that due to various reasons one might be interested in attending a 1-day specialized focus session.

Enterprise and Supplier development (ESD) 1 day course
Management Control and Skills Development 1 day course

Dates Scheduled

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Cape Town

15th May 2018

31st July 2018

16th October 2018

27th November 2018

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