BEE Ownership - More important than ever before

Not only is Ownership a Priority Element under the revised BEE Codes, but it is also is the key focus under Preferential Procurement, which as part of Enterprise & Supplier Development, is also a Priority Element.

Non-achievement of Priority Element sub-minimum targets results in your overall score being discounted by one level. BEE Ownership, with various composite elements and evolving Net Value targets, is complex. Finding value-adding BEE investors can be challenging. Let us help you build a robust and sustainable BEE Ownership strategy that is aligned to your business’ needs.

Transcend works closely with your management team to:

Understand the BEE Ownership recognition and measurement rules
Evaluate the options available
Understand the implications beyond just BEE - including tax, accounting, legal and commercial
Find the optimal solution for your business
Identify value-adding BEE partners
Implement the transaction
Liaise with your verification agency

Let us assist you with the amended codes in a away and makes business sense.

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