B-BBEE Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) codes, what are they?

Are you as a QSE struggling to come to grips with the new changes in B-BBEE legislation and how they will impact your business moving forward?

Let’s start by asking the question:

Are you a Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) by definition?

In the old B-BBEE Codes, a QSE had an annual turnover between R5 – R35 million per annum but in the revised Codes applicable from 1 May 2015, a QSE has a turnover between R10 – R50 million per annum. “YES the turnover criteria has changed!”

So, now that you qualify as per the new definition, the question becomes, what are the changes and how do they impact your business?

The changes are step changes in principle and require significant attention to retain a reasonable compliance level. For example, if you were a comfortable level 4 QSE previously, you could easily be Non-Compliant under the revised QSE scorecard for the same level of activity.

Let Transcend’s Small Business Unit assist you with understanding the impact of the QSE revised Codes in the following ways:

  • BEE compliance – developing a “current state” and developing a strategy on the next steps to close the gaps
  • Building a meaningful and sustainable BEE strategy for your business that brings about a return on investment
  • Preferential procurement (Supplier) research and management of certificates
  • BEE audit preparation – making sure you have maximised your BBBEE Verification Scorecard
  • Attendance to information and networking breakfast sessions specifically for QSE’s
  • Skills Plans submissions and Employment Equity compliance
  • Strategic ownership structuring

We have different service models and pricing structures to meet these requirements in your business.

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