Pre-Audit and Verification preparation services

This service offers a comprehensive understanding of what goes into the B-BBEE verification process from the starting point of filling in a claim to be submitted to the verification agency, until the final certificate is issued.

A pre-audit also provides the client with the comfort of knowing that no stone has been left unturned and that all areas, of each element of the scorecard that can possibly be claimed, are submitted and that the all documentary evidence in support of the claims is correct and in order. Based on the results of the pre-audit, the measured entity can make informed strategic decisions not only for the assessment underway, but for future verifications as well.

Furthermore, this process also helps inform the client on how they can put systems in place to ensure that B-BBEE is not just a “once a year” activity but an ongoing process to allow the client to make informed, proactive decisions with regards to its transformation objectives and to ensure that its transformation initiatives are sustainable and easy to track.


A step-by- step roadmap of the pre-audit and verification support process:

  • Client engages Transcend
  • Due diligence meeting scheduled with BEE committee/pillar champions
  • Transcend advises on element requirements
  • Transcend advises on compliance documentation per element
  • Element worksheets provided to the client for completion
  • Transcend prepares current state modelling and gives preliminary results based on data provided
  • Client appoints verification agency
  • Transcend assists client to submit claim to verification agency for sampling
  • Transcend assists the client in preparing a file with requested documentation for verification
  • Transcend provides on-site verification support on the day of audit
  • Transcend peruses preliminary scorecard from the verification agency to ensure that preliminary results are aligned to client’s expectations
  • Transcend defends and motivates discrepancies (if any) between Transcend’s preliminary result and the results of the verification agency
  • Verification agency issues final certificate to the client

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