Our Services

1. Transformational Strategy

Our transformational strategy development offering targets South Africa’s leading companies and seeks to harness corporate growth and development opportunities as catalysts for implementation of sustainable corporate social responsibility and BBBEE Strategic empowerment initiatives.

Our BBBEE strategic interventions seek to align measurable outcomes, competitive advantage and socio-economic objectives in a manner that is both value-adding to the business and integrated into its overall strategic plan.

Techniques used as part of our BBBEE Strategy solution range from familiar value-based methods to more innovative narrative story-building approaches. Wherever possible, strategic interventions link directly to achievable implementation plans and continuing monitoring, reporting and review processes.

2. Regulatory and Policy Advisory

Transcend, in partnership with the consulting team at Identity Partners, helps develop transformational policies at government, sectoral and organisational level and provides advisory support in interpreting those policies.

Our advisory capacity has been pivotal to developing Black Economic Empowerment regulation in South Africa. We have contributed to developing the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice and the Financial Sector Charter and its subsequent draft Sector Code. We were also active in developing the Property Charter, the Forestry Charter, the Wine Sector Charter, the Legal Services Charter and the Accounting Professions Charter.

This team has aided the government of the Republic of Zambia with developing their Citizen Economic Empowerment policy.

Transcend is itself a leading source of guidance in interpreting the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policies and regulations and we consult to many of South Africa’s leading businesses.

3. Multinational Support

Multinationals implementing social responsibility and empowerment initiatives in South Africa often face significant challenges. The complete unfamiliarity of head office management with the confusing and business intrusive South African BEE regulations makes matters worse. This, considered in a context in which the same multinationals are seeking compliance with a different set of international social responsibility duties, often leads multinationals into compliance cul-de-sacs.

Transcend seeks to integrate compliance objectives and strategic vision in a manner that satisfies head offices’ governance needs, while still ensuring valuable contributions to the socio-economic development of South Africa.
Our team are experts in briefing head offices on the challenges of South African policy and regulatory compliance, and have a comprehensive understanding of the home country policy and regulatory compliance challenges.

4. Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Due Diligence

Our Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Due Diligence service is a premier service offering helping clients seeking a BEE compliance verification.

Transcend works in close conjunction with Verification agencies to ensure that clients enjoy the benefit of accurate, transparent and professional data on the levels of BEE compliance.

5. Broad-Based BEE Training and Courses

As we keep our finger on the pulse of South Africa's economy, Transcend Events and Training offers Broad-Based BEE public courses and in-house training that make a difference. We have successfully delivered a number of in-house customised solutions, conferences, workshops and courses on BEE and on topics relating to BEE.

These BEE events have assisted businesses in staying up to date with the latest developments and changes, contributing to their business’s sustainability. With only the best speakers and facilitators, our events have been a resounding success with concrete results.

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6. BBBEE Scorecard Software - Monitoring and Evaluation Tools

Transcend has a suite of software solutions designed to help clients with managing their Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment compliance.

We also develop customised monitoring and evaluation tools for other fields of social responsibility and empowerment. Please see our Integrator page, or contact Lear Pather for more information.

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