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Wednesday, 18 July 2012  |  Comments

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Aveng’s commitment to transformation was evident in the launch of the Aveng Black Supplier Development Programme. This commitment is further evidenced by Aveng’s commitment to empower and grow sustainable small, medium and micro-enterprises that will ultimately contribute to the growth of the economy and add value to the Aveng supply chain.

Aveng recognized the need to take a proactive approach to enterprise development and requested Transcend Corporate Advisors to provide input on the enterprise development aspects of their transformation journey.

This gave Transcend the opportunity to advise Aveng and its black suppliers through Transcend Broad-Based BEE enterprise development solutions which are designed to seek alignment with the corporate strategy of each business in a manner that makes Enterprise Development the business of the company.

Transcend began a process of engaging a wide range of black owned suppliers identified by Aveng. Conversations were held with the entrepreneurs to determine their entrepreneurial spirit and appetite and more importantly to learn of their business journey. Through this engagement process, entrepreneurs who were committed to growing their business and participating in the Aveng programme were identified and invited to participate in the programme.

Deeper more meaningful conversations were held with the entrepreneurs and the businesses were assessed to determine opportunities for growth and development and also to determine statutory compliance.  Through these interventions a common theme was identified and it was opted to launch a knowledge transfer programme that would expose the entrepreneurs to opportunities, service providers and organizations that are involved with the development of Black Entrepreneurs.

The result of this was The Aveng Black Business Summit 2012, which created a platform that allowed the entrepreneurs to showcase their business to all the Aveng operating groups, the construction sector, as well as the private and public sector.

Its exciting and encouraging, witnessing entrepreneurs embrace the opportunity presented to them by Aveng. The entrepreneur’s response to the programme was very positive and their excitement palpable.  Many entrepreneurs advised that this was the first time they experienced Black Economic Empowerment in action. During this process we witnessed a foundation being set that would facilitate stronger future mutually beneficial partnerships.
Transcend Corporate Advisors are proud to be associated with Aveng and its Transformation Strategies including the efforts that have been made in order to achieve true transformation and not just BEE Scorecard “tick-boxing”.
For more information on how Transcend can assist your organisation with their BBBEE Strategy, Supplier Development programmes or any aspect of BEE and transformation please feel free to contact 011 442 2433.

Some articles on the discussions that were presented at the Aveng Black Suppliers Summit can be found below:

The Summit was attended by Black Suppliers of Aveng, and included many guest speakers including Minister Rob Davies and the DTI’s Nomonde Mesatywa...see what they had to say in the articles below...

Government to crack down on empowerment points, Davies warns

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies says BEE laws will be tweaked to ensure larger companies invest in developing emerging businesses

The DTI had teamed up with construction group Aveng to host a summit and an exhibition focused on the infrastructure development market.

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