The New Gazetted Revised BBBEE codes

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Friday, 11 October 2013  |  Comments

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The New revised amended BBBEE codes have been gazetted, download them here

Join Transcend Corporate Advisors for one day session to gain an understanding of the new Revised B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice (RCoGP) and the implications these changes will have on your business and our future.

“the new Codes of Good Practice are aimed at fostering real black economic empowerment in the economy, rather than empowerment on paper” – Department of Trade and Industry, National Summit for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, October 2013

An initial glance the Revised Codes of Good Practice (RCoGP), which will be gazetted by Government on 11 October 2013, may leave one wondering what they were trying to achieve, and if these changes are a step in the right direction or just too large a chasm to leap. These changes include:

new thresholds for Exempt Micro Enterprises, Qualifying Small Enterprises and Generics;the automatic discounting of an entity’s level rating where the sub-minimum for Priority Pillars of the scorecard has not been met;Qualifying Small Enterprises must comply with all Pillars of the scorecard, including Ownership.

Join us for a day as we unpack how the changes in the RCoGP support the emergent transformation needs of South Africa today. The following topics will be discussed:

High level Strategic implications of the changes for South Africa as a nation.Focus on a comparative analysis and pillar by pillar approach, to review the differences of the proposed changes

Understanding the supporting legislation such as the BEE Act changesUnderstanding the calculation methodologiesWhat are the likely process implications for the companyAlignment with charters?Interpretative issues we are likely to faceFocus on the new combined pillars and the impact on your strategies around these pillarsEnterprise Supplier Development, what does this mean practically for our supplier development processes

What do the changes mean for your business from a strategic perspectiveVerification preparation Implications

Johannesburg - 17th and 24th of October 2013 (choose a date)

Glenhove Conference Centre

Durban – 29th of October 2013

- Umhlanga Rocks

Cape Town – 22nd of October2013

Lagoon Beach Hotel

Times and Costs

08h30 – 16h00

R2350 ex VAT per delegate

“In an environment where we have a worsening state of inequality, it is vital for the country to revise its efforts and focus wholeheartedly on promoting social inclusivity, in an attempt to deal effectively with varying expectations in South Africa. However, it is when we translate this national compact into a business context that difficulties emerge. We need to simultaneously promote and stimulate economic growth and at the same time promote inclusivity if we are to emerge as a country that effectively serves all its citizens. The RCoGP require a fundamental strategic review in order to align itself with both national and business objectives. Invasive surgery is never easy, but it is sometimes necessary.” Dr Robin Woolley, Director Transcend Corporate Advisors

In-House training on the RCoGP

All our training is available as in-house training and can be presented to your EXCO, Human Resource Team, Suppliers, Procurement Team etc.

If you would like to have these changes presented to your team in-house…OR

If you would like to present the implications of the changes to your suppliers…

Please contact Brian Hendrikz at

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