Skilld Development Act - Learning Programme Regulations for Learnerships for public comments

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Monday, 16 July 2012  |  Comments

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Dr Robin Woolley and Progression have looked at the proposed changes and have highlighted the following points:

It seems the new regulations aim to place greater accountability and tighter turnaround times on the SETAs to try and streamline the process of registering learnerships. 

The problem is how to enforce these regulations with the SETAs. The salient aspects of the learnership process remain unchanged from the point of view of a company registering learnerships.

Some highlights on the differences suggested in the draft legislation include:

•          SETAs will now have 7 working days in which to register Learnership Agreements. (The previous regulations gave them 21 working days, and this change would be a stretch for them to achieve)
•         The new regulations state that the QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations) will have 10 working days to issue a learner with a certificate, however as the QCTO is not yet in operation, I wonder if this requirement will be expected of the SETAs until such time as the QCTO is up and running

•          A clause in the old regulations states that a contract of employment for 18.2 learner only comes into effect once the SETA has registered the agreement! The new regulations say the employment contract comes into effect once the agreement has been “conditionally registered” but it seems unclear on what is meant by conditional registration.

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