Dos and Don'ts For B-BBEE Pre-Audit Verification

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017  |  Comments

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Most companies have engaged B-BBEE consulting companies to absolutely ensure that they have adequately prepared for their verification ratings. Some, however, feel they can manage the process themselves. For one to effectively get through an audit with a smile, they must have done this before or they must have expected the achieved outcome.

To make sure that the onsite is well managed and you are absolutely prepared, the following may be of assistance;


  1. Know your analyst

Make sure you understand the verification agency and their interpretation of certain grey areas in the codes. It may be best to stick to the agency used in the previous year, as they have a general understanding of the organisation and its operations.

  1. Make sure you receive the sampled data well in advance

This will give you enough time to prepare all the documents that have been requested and consequently reduce the data processing for the analyst and thus get your certificate much quicker

  1. Interviews must be done earlier in the day

It may be worthwhile to ensure that the onsite process is well managed. Setting up interviews for the sampled employees, will give them the comfort of not spending their whole day anticipating the “much dreaded” ordeal, or so to simply get that out the way.

  1. Only file copies not originals

This reduces any losses of important original documents. Verification agencies do not always bring the file back.

  1. Supporting documents for every claim

Always back up your claims. Letters from lawyers, auditors and other third parties may be adequate to confirm claims put forward.



  1. Rely on information submitted in the last audit

Do not rely on the information submitted in the previous audits. Interpretation changes all the time. SANAS audits bring about changes in how verification agencies view things and the documentation they accept

  1. Just accept the outcome

Before being rated, make sure you have an idea of what the outcome should look like. Analysts also make mistakes and its best to go over all the elements and ensure you understand why you have been scored that way.

  1. Be hostile

Analysts are not horrible people, they give the energy they get. If you prove to be calm, they might explain things better and be accepting of some of the company’s short comings.

  1. File everything

If you have over-scored or have more information that required, put some of the information away. Giving analyst too much may lead to them asking too many unnecessary questions., questions that could have been avoided.

  1. Worry

You will get through it just fine. This process only happens once a year. So, keep calm.

Article by: Precious Mabena

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