Building A Sustainable BEE Strategy

Posted by Dr Robin Woolley
Sunday, 23 July 2017  |  Comments
Dr Robin Woolley is a consultant at Transcend Corporate Advisors.
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Our experience in the global benchmarking of democracies in transition and over 10 years in assisting corporate South Africa in developing sustainable responses to BEE, has resulted in a best practice view of how a company’s strategy and BEE plan need to inter-relate. This is captured in the diagram below:



The strategy informs and is complimented by the BEE plan, which is monitored by the B-BBEE committee and implemented by the business unit that operates in the area that requires the agreed change defined in the plan.

This "value-based" view of strategic transformation aims to include the transformation strategy as an integral part of your company's overall business strategy, so that it contributes to the growth of your business. This is an extremely important component of ensuring that B-BBEE has the largest possible positive impact at the lowest possible cost.

We can assist you in developing this strategic response to BEE through two channels:

Ask one of our experienced consultants to facilitate this process with your company.


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