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Posted by Dr Robin Woolley
Tuesday, 4 March 2014  |  Comments
Dr Robin Woolley is a consultant at Transcend Corporate Advisors.
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Economic and social transformation in South Africa is an evolving and fluid issue, with the rules being written by, and through our actions. The revision of the Code of Good Practice (RCoGP) on B-BBEE is reflective of some of these actions (behaviours) over approximately the past seven years, both good and bad, and provides us with some indication of how the Department of Trade and Industry (Dti) views the progress made to date. As such it is difficult to define best practice in absolute terms. There is no right or wrong approach, as it is very dependent on the context.

The area of transformation remains a very emotive, complex, business defining, social issue of our time. As a consequence, discussions on transformation still tend to provoke strong reactions with key stakeholders in business and politics sometimes having quite divergent views. While not discounting the importance of allowing these emotions to surface, be openly discussed and become mutually understood;

Having said this, it is fascinating that people are appointed to drive this complex systemic process with little to no formal equipping – there has been to date no longitudinal accredited work-based learning process that mentors new transformation champions to deal with these responsibilities.

This is the gap that the Transcend B-BBEE internship program addresses.Our training and development programme provides clients with a progressive on the job skills advancement process for nurturing emerging B-BBEE champions. This is done through both classroom and work-based training with one-on-one coaching responding to the complex developmental needs of B-BBEE champions.

This accredited six month internship programme (which can be counted as category D in the learning matrix) is the most robust practical way to equip your champion with the tools to drive your transformation journey. It includes a practical review of on-the job ability in scorecard management, rating preparation, employment equity processes and work-place skills plan processes as well as focusing on surfacing and managing change processes surrounding a B-BBEE plan and audit preparation.

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