Transcend Integrator - BEE Scorecard Software

Transcend Integrator is our flagship Broad Based BEE Scorecard software based monitoring and evaluation tool. It is a comprehensive BEE software program that allows you to plan, manage and record the transformation process within your company. It enables you to measure and model your empowerment credentials against the most current Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice. Some versions have the added functionality of managing and reporting on Employment Equity, Skills Development and Preferential Procurement.

1. Measuring and Managing your Broad Based BEE Current State

The first step in implementing a BEE plan is to manage your current state. Integrator enables you to capture the current position of your scorecard across all seven dimensions of BEE. This application follows the most current requirements of the codes, is user-friendly and used a questionnaire model for data collection.

2. Developing a Sustainable BEE Strategy

Once you have found out your current BEE position, you need to develop sustainable empowerment strategies that will allow you to reach a desired future empowerment state. Integrator assists the user in developing their unique BEE strategy. After developing this strategy you can print out strategic plans and templates for communication and motivation to both your staff and clients.

3. Future State – BEE

Integrator models the impact of planned actions that arise from your strategy on your BEE scorecard. With the ‘Future State’ functionality you can model your BEE score over the next five years. Annual updates of your current position allow immediate knock-on benefits.

4. BBBEE Verification Preparation

Integrator is an effective tool to prepare a company for BEE verification. Not only will it highlight obvious compliance gaps, but Integrator guides the user on the steps and documentation required for successful BEE verification.

5. Software Updates

Integrator makes use of cutting-edge technology that separates the data from the spreadsheet. This means that we are able to update the software as legislation changes and that you will not have to recapture any of your data. Our Web based update service will keep you and your software up-to-date while preserving the integrity of the data. You will get access to all software updates at no charge during your licence period.

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