Transcend Corporate Advisors, South Africa's leading BEE consulting and advisory firm offering social responsibility, transformation and economic empowerment solutions to corporate clients and multinationals in South Africa and its neighbouring economies.

Our focus and specialities aid our clients to develop and communicate a strategic, value-based view of social responsibility and socio-economic empowerment.


Our Services

We have historically focused our services around Broad Based BEE in South Africa. Since 2008 our focus has extended to include solutions that meet the challenges of carrying out successful and value-adding corporate strategy, empowerment, transformation, and sustainability programmes.

Our solutions include:

  • Strategy development that makes business sense
  • BEE Scorecard verification preparation - making sure you have identified all gaps on your scorecard
  • In-House and Public training courses - on all the pillars of BEE
  • BBBEE Scorecard Software - allowing you to track and monitor your Scorecard on all dti gazetted BBBEE codes
  • Scorecard Gap analysis and context briefings
  • Social and Ethics Committee services
  • Multinational services - Equity Equivalent programmes without the sale of Equity
  • Human Capital Services including Employment Equity
  • Supplier Verification and Supplier training on expectations regarding BBBEE
  • Supplier Enterprise Development - ED from a strategic perspective - empowering your suppliers
  • Tender preparation - PPPFA aligned to BBBEE
  • Ownership Solutions including Equity Equivalent Programmes, Trusts, Trustee Training, Broad Based Ownership schemes

    Our objective is to help our clients integrate BBBEE, social responsibility and socio-economic empowerment into their strategic vision, with an objective of encouraging sustainable business growth and social development.


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